The former stately home was converted into the castle in 1895, when it became the main residence of the newly wedded Lord August Borràs i Jalpí and Lady Sofía de Algorta y Albarao.

Lord August of Sant Celoni, a bachelor of marriageable age, was a Master and the scion of a landowning family, whose properties spread throughout many municipalities within the Maresme and La Selva regions.

Lady Sofía, a Maiden from the Lekeitio municipality, was from a wealthy family who were granted an exceptional dowry from the marriage. Their unique social situation allowed them to make their most extravagant dreams a reality. Thus was established the castle, the lake, the lighthouse, along with the ownership of the best carriages and the best cars of the time.

The new marriage soon resulted in offspring. The new heir, Lord Miquel, who maintained the privilege of receiving the greatest education possible as a child, fell in love with a young lady, who, due to her social status, the family could never accept. This was the beginning of the social and economical decline of the family. The struggle between mother and son to both manage the fortune and gain approval of his lover was so profound that it led to the loss of the entire family fortune.

From the year 2004 and onwards Grup SERHS began to reinstate splendour into the castle. They restored both the interior and the exterior which were previously in a deplorable state. This new management converted Castell Jalpí into the unique and remarkable venue that it is today, allowing you to experience first-hand the reality that the Jalpí family lived almost 130 years ago.

A walk through the castle